Tracy Van Slyke

Director | The New Bottom Line

Tracy Van Slyke is the Director of The Culture Lab, an “action tank” (think tank + action center) helping social change groups tap into the power of pop culture to move towards gender, racial, migrant, economic, and democratic equity.

In 2014, Tracy wrote and published the groundbreaking report “Spoiler Alert: How Progressives Will Break Through with Pop Culture.” Tracy is the former publisher of  In These Times magazine, was previously director of The Media Consortium and is co-author of the book Beyond the Echo Chamber (New Press, 2010).

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

How to Use your TV: Using Small Screens to Move Racial Justice

Calling all TV addicts — this is the workshop for you. Today’s television industry has more room for the stories of racial justice than ever before. This double panel presentation will focus on strategies for making the small screen work for racial justice by engaging writers’ rooms, taking advantage of reality TV opportunities, by hosting watch parties or generating social media commentary on TV content that applies to communities. We will include a special focus on the Netflix documentary “13th,” featuring activists from the documentary and a Skype appearance by its director, Ava DuVernay.

Speakers: Van Jones, Malkia Cyril, Bridgit Antoinette Evans, Brandon Andrews, Tracy Van Slyke, Sharda Sekaran

Presentations from Facing Race 2012

Consumer Based Strategies for Advancing Racial Justice

The use of consumer boycotts and providing alternatives (?buy-cotts?) are signature strategies of racial justice projects of the past. This workshop will highlight current campaigns and initiatives that employ these strategies in advancing racial justice in the present. How are these current-day examples similar to and/or improve upon the strategies of the past? The workshop will tease out lessons from these initiatives and how they can instructive in crafting racial justice strategies in the age of globalization.

Speakers: Lisa Castellanos, Tracy Van Slyke, Jamal Watkins