Phoenix Cultural Experience Bus Tour

Welcome to the Facing Race 2022 Phoenix Cultural Experience Bus Tour!

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Hop aboard a comfortable, comprehensive, partially-guided bus tour where you will get to learn more about the history of resistance in Phoenix,AZ and the context of the selected sights!

Phoenix is made up of great People of Color and you’ll get the opportunity to experience how these communities of color are  thriving despite the hostile environment within this conservative state. Most of the locations to be shown on this tour were created before the city was politically purple.

Consider joining us to learn and experience a fun and exciting way to reveal the deeper significance and cultural history of the city!

Overview of a few stops on the bus tour:

The first stop will be at Arizona’s only Black owned bookstore and marketplace located in the Eastlake community which is historically Black. This will be a 90 min stop where you will be grounded in the history of Phoenix as a whole through live cultural performances. There will also be opportunities to browse the bookstore and marketplace and maybe pick up some must have reads or African Art to take home! 

Next you will ride over to the Japanese Friendship Garden ($10 entry fee included) where you will learn about the bonds of friendship between the peoples of Himeji and Phoenix and the flower gardens that used to occupy baseline but got removed due to the concentration camps in Phoenix.

Spaces of Opportunity in South Phoenix is where you will have lunch and learn about community farming plots, healing gardens, farmers markets and more. Spaces of Opportunity is helping build a strong community centered around agriculture in a red lined community facing a food desert in a majority Black neighborhood.

From there you’ll get a chance to catch some photos of some really beautiful murals painted by local Indigenous and Latinx artists.

The final destination will be the Heard Museum, to learn about the peoples whose land we are on and the histories of colonization of the land.

The bus tour is from 11am-4pm MST on Thursday, November 17th.

In order to join the Bus Tour, you must purchase a ticket. The bus tour is an additional activity organized in conjunction with Facing Race 2022 Conference and is not included in your registration fee.


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