Community Benefits Agreements

Detroit is home to some of the most visionary organizing in the United States. In the midst of gentrification, local communities in Detroit—communities who have long struggled against redlining, white flight, and disinvestment—have come together to resist further displacement and to advance solutions that invest in local communities. 

One of the major tools that local communities in Detroit have been using is Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs). CBAs are legally binding contracts that ensure that local communities benefit from private developments that receive taxpayer money. Those benefits include, but are not limited, to wage requirements, local hiring goals, affordable housing stipulations, and more.

Facing Race supports communities in Detroit using Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) as one of the mechanisms for local communities to shape the decisions and the conditions that affect their lives.

To that end, Facing Race will work with local organizers to ensure that the Facing Race 2018 conference adheres to the principles of Community Benefits Agreements. These principles will reflect our joint commitment to advance equity by lifting up the local leadership of Detroit communities—particularly communities of color and other historically disadvantaged communities—and utilizing locally-owned businesses.