Thanks for joining us for Facing Race 2022. See you in 2024!

About Facing Race

In 2022, Facing Race: A National Conference will be hosted both in-person and online from November 17-19! This decision was made out of both excitement for the opportunity to share space with one another and with the intention of making the conference available to our Facing Race community, including those who would like to participate but are unable to attend in person. 

Of course, for those joining us in person, we’ll be tracking and following CDC-recommended safety precautions, social distancing, vaccination and testing protocols, and requiring the wearing of face masks regardless of vaccination status.

For online participants, all main stage events, including keynote remarks, performances  and plenaries, will be streamed live from Phoenix, Arizona to our online conference platform. 

Coming just weeks after the 2022 midterm election, a very critical election for the future of what America now calls democracy and for the true multicultural democracy we envision and work toward, Facing Race ‘22 will provide a unique collaborative space for discussions and strategies to continue advancing racial justice. 

The past two year have been unlike any other. Communities of color continue to live in a state of fear due to police and vigilante violence; a health pandemic, now in its second year, that continues to disproportionately affect us; an unstable economy with inflation rising faster than our wages; and attacks against our rights to vote, make decisions about our own bodies, and to teach this country’s true history.

This year’s Facing Race conference will offer unprecedented access to information, tools, and resources on racial equity. The conference is being re-imagined to offer greater accessibility allowing more people than ever before to participate and engage in deep discussions, presentations, and organizing efforts.

With so much at stake, we invite you to join us at Facing Race ‘22, in-person or online, to help chart the path for the future of the racial justice movement. Like those who came before us, we must strive and we must organize to create and build the society we want and deserve. It is a decisive and furious moment in our movement, a time to press forward in solidarity as a coalition of movement makers. 

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Why attend Facing Race?

  • Access to workshops, panels, and plenaries
  • Build relationships with multiracial and inter-generational organizers, educators, creatives, and other leaders
  • Collaborate and share knowledge with movement builders, media makers, and other influencers