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Dominique Apollon

Research Director | Race Forward
Dom Apollon has been Research Director at Race Forward since January 2008. In that time, the Research Department has produced more than twenty racial justice reports and major products. Most recently, he has been the principal investigator for the organization’s Title VII employment discrimination report, and has overseen the organization’s media content analysis work. The son of Haitian immigrants, Dom was raised in Baltimore County, Maryland, taught undergraduate American politics and constitutional law courses in Bakersfield, California, and holds a PhD in political science from Stanford University.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Systemic Solutions to a Segregated Economy in the 21st Century

What will it take to eradicate job segregation in the 21st century? Should we organize to transform federal legal protections? Pressure employers to shift company policies and practices? Require state/local governments to incentivize or mandate systemic equity throughout U.S. industries? In this workshop, advocates will highlight diverse strategies that aim both to protect workers of color from race-based discrimination and proactively engineer systems to prevent future systemic inequity in hiring, promotions and treatment. From political lobbying, worker organizing, consumer-driven campaigns and applied research, participants will learn and engage around the most effective solutions to racism in the economy.

Speakers: Dominique Apollon, Lola Smallwood Cuevas, Evelyn Rangel Medina

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Institutionalizing Racial Equity and Advancing Positive Racial Impacts

Can we prevent institutional racism by institutionalizing racial equity? Can we change the way we do business in our organizations, institutions and government so that racial equity and inclusion are an operating framework? Can we be proactive instead of reactive when combating inequity? The answer is: yes! This session will highlight how government entities and community organizations are using racial equity tools and strategies to achieve fair and favorable outcomes.

Speakers: Terrence Keleher, Dominique Apollon, Jermaine Toney, Julie Nelson