Will Coley

Aquifer Media
Will Coley is an independent radio producer, social media strategist, trainer and videographer with experience in a variety of social change campaigns. He has been an advocate and organizer with immigrants and refugees in Charlotte, New York/Newark, and Los Angeles, as well as in Zimbabwe and Great Britain. Through Aquifer Media, Will now designs social media strategies and digital storytelling for funders, national nonprofit networks and local nonprofits. A native of North Carolina, Will lived in Los Angeles for several years but recently relocated to Queens.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

From Ears to Empathy to Activism: Audio for Activists

"A tape recorder, with microphone in hand, on the table or the arm of the chair or on the grass, can transform both the visitor and the host. On one occasion during a play-back, my companion murmured in wonder, “I never realized I felt that way.” I was filled with wonder, too." - Studs Terkel Radio and audio have a long history in representing neglected or unheard voices. The great Studs Terkel used audio to relay the stories of all kinds of Americans including “the non-celebrated” so that “statistics become persons, each one unique.” Today millions of Americans continue to listen to the radio and now on-demand audio (or “podcasts”). Mobile phones make audio even more attractive for our busy lives. Since audio is far cheaper to record and edit than video or film, new producers are capitalizing on today’s “audio renaissance.” Their engaging shows and stories are providing some of the most important conversations around race are happening today. Audiences are hungry for reflections of their own experience in a changing America. At Facing Race, we will discuss what makes audio uniquely suited for telling our stories, challenging injustice, and truly reflecting the experiences of people of color in the United States. We will learn from a range of producers and creators who are pioneering new and exciting ways to use audio. We will share practical advice on telling effective stories with sound, including a hands-on exercise in creating stories.

Speakers: Will Coley, Danielle Sykes

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Stepping Up Cultural Strategy: How Can Racial Justice Rise Above the Noise?

Most of us carry more media creation tools in our pockets than any other generation before us. But in the flood of digital information we are bombarded with each day, how we create stories that stands out and gets heard? How do we create powerful works of art and culture that can reach new audiences, ignite the public imagination and shift the debate? Through a hands-on exercise, we’ll create something to demonstrate what we’ve learned.

Speakers: Will Coley, Julio Salgado

Presentations from Facing Race 2012

No Budget? No Problem! 2013's New Tools For Creating Content and Telling Your Story

So you want to share your work with the world but aren't sure where to start. Video and audio experts will discuss their best practices, what tools they're using and what platforms you should be considering. And don't be intimidated, this workshop will cover resources that will help you whether you have $5000 or $5.

Speakers: Will Coley, Franchesca Ramsey