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Julio Salgado

Project manager | CultureStrike
Julio Salgado is an undocumented and queer visual artist based in Berkeley, CA. He is a project manager at CultureStrike, a national arts organization that uses arts and culture as a way to fight anti-migrant narratives. Salgado’s poster work has been used around the country to highlight issues affecting undocumented and queer migrants of color. During his time in CultureStrike, he has made it his missions to uplift the work of other undocumented, trans, queer and artists of color through various projects.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Visions From The Inside

On July 2015, CultureStrike partnered with End Family Detention and Mariposas Sin Fronteras to release the Visions From The Inside project. We commissioned 15 queer, trans, and/or migrant artists of color from across the country to create images inspired by letters penned by detained immigrants. In July 2016, we commissioned another 14 images and this time we included stories of trans women in detention, folks who have been released and challenged the “good migrant narrative.” We also partnered with 3 new organizations: Familia Trans Queer Liberation Movement, Families For Freedom and Northwest Detention Center Resistance. By visually illustrating these letters we aim to bring awareness and a better sense of: the realities that people are experiencing inside of for-profit detention facilities, what led them to migrate in the first place and, most importantly, highlight the resiliency of the migrant spirit. The project centered migrants as collaborators with agency and critical stories to tell as opposed to art subjects. We want to bring the project to Facing Race 2016 so that attendees get a chance to interact with the final pieces and read the letters. We will be blowing up the images and have attendees participate with the project by watercoloring the images, and by responding and writing back to some of the detained women and children. We would like to display the final images throughout the conference and guide them back to End Family Detention’s website where they can read more letters from migrants inside detention centers.

Speakers: Julio Salgado, Sonia Guiñansaca

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Stepping Up Cultural Strategy: How Can Racial Justice Rise Above the Noise?

Most of us carry more media creation tools in our pockets than any other generation before us. But in the flood of digital information we are bombarded with each day, how we create stories that stands out and gets heard? How do we create powerful works of art and culture that can reach new audiences, ignite the public imagination and shift the debate? Through a hands-on exercise, we’ll create something to demonstrate what we’ve learned.

Speakers: Will Coley, Julio Salgado

Presentations from Facing Race 2012

Art & Agitation: On the Power of Cultural Strategy

Culture is the realm of ideas, images and stories; it is where people make sense of the world and where they find meaning and forge community. History shows that when the culture changes, politics follows. Culture can reach audiences beyond the bounds of what community organizing and policy-based organizing can do. While the media is laced with myths, stereotypes and misrepresentation of grassroots movements, cultural interventions can play a key role in pushing forward stories that help shift the public debate. A growing movement of artists around the country are using cultural tools to fight economic inequality, corporations, banks and anti-migrant hate. In this session, artist-activists, writers, cultural leaders and creative institutions will discuss models for connecting artists to movements for social change.

Speakers: Favianna Rodriguez, Julio Salgado, Jose Antonio Vargas, Kalima Young