18 Million Rising

Samala is spearheading 18MR after three years as The Story of Stuff Project's Director of Online Strategy & Media. Prior to that, she spent a decade as a brand strategist and designer for social impact organizations. Samala is a Bay Area based, New York raised, first generation Filipina American. She is well-versed with start-up projects, savvy with technology as a tool for social and environmental good, and a nerd for all things social media. Samala is an alumna of the Wharton and Annenberg Schools of the University of Pennsylvania. Incidentally, Samala is also a pretty bad-ass DJ. Holler.


Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Internet Freedom, Racism, and Civil Rights in the 21st Century

Imagine you wanted to use the Internet to organize against police brutality or protest an immigration raid but Verizon or Comcast blocked your website or other online tools you need. How would this impact your struggle for racial and social justice?
Unfortunately, this is real possibility, not a far-off scenario. Internet services providers can now block, censor, interfere and discriminate against Internet Web traffic following a federal court ruling earlier this year that struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s Network Neutrality rules.

During this session, activists will take part in breakout discussions to come up with strategizes to protect an open Internet.

Speakers: Samala, Arturo Carmona, Brandi Collins-Dexter, Jessica Gonzalez, Joe Torres