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Richael Faithful

Richael Faithful (they/them) is a southern Black trans-radical lawyer, organization strategist, traditional folk healer and former organizer known for developing healing culture within movement groups. Their unique intersection of skill sets and identities has positioned them as a highly sought conflict worker and relational facilitator. Richael is a former Equal Justice Works Fellow and staff attorney whose two-year project successfully changed felony disenfranchisement laws in Virginia. During their fellowship they were also an active National Lawyers Guild member, and served as Executive Editor at the National Lawyers Guild Review.

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

Transforming The Workplace: Human Resource Innovations for Private Reparative Justice

Discover and co-develop key practices that will unleash workplace innovations in addressing racial inequities. Specifically, we'll share some human resource innovations as a vehicle for reparative justice; i.e., redistributing resources to redress historical, systemic harm.

We'll share tools in development, present innovations by other organizations, and collectively discuss human resources management models and framework that not only transform a single organization but support movement building.

Speakers: Mala Nagarajan, Richael Faithful