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Mala Nagarajan

Ms. | RoadMap / Vega Mala Consulting
Pronouns: She/he

Mala Nagarajan (she/he) is a DC-born, second-generation, middle-class, Indian-American; a certified Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRM/HRCI); and a social justice nonprofit consultant. As part of the RoadMap consulting network, she is spearheading their HR/RJ working group. She supports clients with HR audits, restructuring compensation, developing equitable organizational policies, strengthening team building and workflow, and professional development and performance management with a movement building lens.

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

Transforming The Workplace: Human Resource Innovations for Private Reparative Justice

Discover and co-develop key practices that will unleash workplace innovations in addressing racial inequities. Specifically, we'll share some human resource innovations as a vehicle for reparative justice; i.e., redistributing resources to redress historical, systemic harm.

We'll share tools in development, present innovations by other organizations, and collectively discuss human resources management models and framework that not only transform a single organization but support movement building.

Speakers: Mala Nagarajan, Richael Faithful