Malcolm Shanks

Lead Trainer
Race Forward

Malcolm is Lead Trainer in the Network Department. They co-facilitate Race Forward racial justice trainings and provide coaching and consulting to organizations and institutions that need support in developing practice that produce racially equitable outcomes and promote racial justice.

They are deeply committed to creating knowledge that is useful to organizers in social justice and anti-oppression movements; so far this has taken the shape of movement history workshops concentrating on organizing lessons learned from militant and radical leftist movements.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Breaking the Cycle of Racial Trauma

The path toward healing from trauma is never linear, even less so when the trauma is the result of the systemic effects of racism and associated violence.Communities of color have historically faced the challenge of healing from racial trauma while working to transform the conditions that feed and create trauma. Using contemporary examples of violence in communities of color, and grounded in a historical context, this panel will explore both experiences with racial trauma and community solutions for moving through the trauma to a place of healing.

Speakers: Jerry Tello, Puni Kalra, Malcolm Shanks, Nicole Davis (Moderator)

Decolonizing Gender: Bringing Empire into the Conversation

National conversations about race & gender often focus on the layered impacts of racism, misogyny, and transphobia. While this is an important discussion, we can also deepen our understanding of how the gender binary operates through white supremacy, and how it is constructed to maintain white cisgender men (and women) at the top of a hierarchy of people. This workshop explores this system through the lens of imperialism in U.S. history, analyzing what imperialism is and how it has evolved over time. We will then consider how it shows up in current LGBTQ organizing models, and what we can do to reduce the harm that white supremacist gender causes us and our communities.

Speakers: Malcolm Shanks, Mickyel Bradford