Facing Race: A National Conference coming to St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024! #SaveTheDate

Julie Rowe

Senior Framing and Messaging Coordinator | Opportunity Agenda

Julie has worked in the areas of messaging, framing and media outreach for over fifteen years. She has experience with a range of issues including racial justice, immigration, criminal justice, economic opportunity, and health equity. At the Opportunity Agenda, Julie works with partners to translate public opinion research and communications theory to practical messaging strategies. Her goal is to help advocates expand their base while growing constituencies and moving policy.

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Reclaiming Government: A Dialogue about the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity and the Public Sector’s Role in Advancing Equity

The challenges and opportunities of an increasingly diverse America demand that we rebuild broad public support for an active governmental role in creating opportunities and reducing inequities. Our shared prosperity as a society depends on the advancement of all our people, regardless of their race, ethnicity or country of origin. The implicit and explicit racialization of policies, programs and public systems can not only exacerbate inequities but also influence the public’s perception of and relationship to government. Join us to learn about recommendations for advancing a constructive dialogue about race and government in your policy analysis, media outreach, organizing and legislative advocacy.

Speakers: Anika Fassia, Anthony Giancatarino, Anne E. Price, Julie Rowe, Gabriela Sandoval