Facing Race: A National Conference coming to St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024! #SaveTheDate

Anthony Giancatarino

Fellow | Movement Strategy Innovation Center

Anthony Giancatarino is a policy-strategist supporting community groups and networks working at the intersection of racial justice, energy transition, and the economy. He is a fellow at the Movement Strategy Innovation Center supporting strategy and alignment of organizations and networks at the intersection of the renewable energy transition, community ownership and racial and economic justice. Anthony provides organizing, strategy and policy support around Climate Justice and Jobs work at POWER. Previously, Anthony was with the Center for Social Inclusion, working to support policy strategies to achieve racial equity in energy democracy, food equity, and transparency, participation, and accountability in governance.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Reclaiming Power: Building a More Racially Just Energy System

Workshop attendees will participate in an interactive game that explores the intersections of race, climate, economics, and the extractive energy system. In this workshop, participants will learn strategies for challenging regulatory and legislative barriers towards energy equity and justice and how to deal with utility companies that exacerbate inequity. Participants will also explore ideas and create solutions to build a more racially just, resilient community and develop strategies for a more equitable economy that puts people and the planet first.

The interactive activity is built from experiential activities and ideas led by grassroots racial justice organization, POWER, in Philadelphia and TURN — The Utility Reform Network in California. The activity will follow a short presentation that shares lessons from CA and PA and sets an operational framework and shared analysis in which the workshop will operate. Following the activity, participants will debrief and share out insights, lessons, and takeaways.

Speakers: Gabriela Sandoval, Anthony Giancatarino, Ana Montes

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Reclaiming Government: A Dialogue about the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity and the Public Sector’s Role in Advancing Equity

The challenges and opportunities of an increasingly diverse America demand that we rebuild broad public support for an active governmental role in creating opportunities and reducing inequities. Our shared prosperity as a society depends on the advancement of all our people, regardless of their race, ethnicity or country of origin. The implicit and explicit racialization of policies, programs and public systems can not only exacerbate inequities but also influence the public’s perception of and relationship to government. Join us to learn about recommendations for advancing a constructive dialogue about race and government in your policy analysis, media outreach, organizing and legislative advocacy.

Speakers: Anika Fassia, Anthony Giancatarino, Anne E. Price, Julie Rowe, Gabriela Sandoval

Presentations from Facing Race 2012

Energy Democracy for All

The green economy hasn't delivered on its promise, so far, to recreate a manufacturing base to employ workers of color. And, the economic downturn is unrelenting: millions of people of color are still out of work and the wealth gap is increasing. Communities across the nation are generating solutions to the economic crises by creating community-owned and operated renewable energy solutions. Learn from community leaders from the Navajo Nation to Baltimore about how this community-scale solution may be the answer, to be replicated.

Speakers: Shannon Bade, Anthony Giancatarino, Emily Kirsch