Judith LeBlanc

Native Organizers Alliance
Judith Le Blanc (Caddo): Director of the Native Organizers Alliance. She provides and facilitates technical support, strategic planning, mentoring and on the ground campaign development to Native groups. She serves as the UN representative for the Indigenous World Association, a Non-Governmental Organization. From 2002 to 2015, she became a nationally recognized organizer and leader in the U.S. peace movement — a central organizer for numerous campaigns and mobilizations as a National Co-chair of the national coalition, United for Peace and Justice and as National Field Director of Peace Action.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Solidarity with Standing Rock

The struggle continues at Standing Rock. join a discussion on what's at stake, what's happening on the ground, and how you can still build solidarity.

Speakers: Judith LeBlanc, Oliver Semans

Multiracial Movements for Black Lives

It has been more than three years since #BlackLivesMatter became a rallying cry for a movement. While centering black communities and resistance, #BlackLivesMatter galvanized not only black organizers, it challenged people of all races to consider, "Whose side are you on?" Despite reactionary claims of divisiveness, communities of many races replied, "We're on the FREEDOM side!" Representatives from #AsiansforBlackLives and Familia, among others, will discuss struggles actions, challenges and opportunities from the multiracial movements that have emerged.

Michelle Alexander


Alicia Garza
Founder of #BlackLivesMatter 

Zon Moua, Freedom, Inc.

Judith LeBlanc, Native Organizers Alliance

Isa Noyola, Transgender Law Center

Chris Crass, Author, Educator, Parent


Will be livestreamed.

Speakers: Michelle Alexander, Alicia Garza, Zon Moua, Judith LeBlanc, Isa Noyola, Chris Crass