Thanks for joining us for Facing Race 2022. See you in 2024!

Jennifer Dillon

managing Director, communications | Advancement Project
Pronouns: she/her

Presentations from Facing Race 2022

How Cops Get Off

How Cops Get Off is a three-part animated video series developed by the Advancement Project in collaboration with our board member, actor/activist Jesse Williams. Narrated by Jesse, each four-minute video in the series breaks down the systems, culture, and laws that keep cops in power and unaccountable: the dominant narrative in tv shows, movies, and news, the protectors within our criminal legal system like prosecutors and police associations, and the laws that shields cops from accountability like qualified immunity. The session will screen the short series and discuss these systems and narratives. And, we will talk about shifts we need including what real justice looks like. We will share resources for communities to have discussions about policing and abolition as well as highlight campaigns that are in progress.

Speakers: Judith Browne Dianis, Shanelle Matthews, Jennifer Dillon