Christine Tang

Director of Programs
Families Of Color Seattle

Christine Tang is bi-racial Nigerian Romanian immigrant and a mother of two multiracial young boys. Christine is the Director of Programs for Families Of Color Seattle (FOCS). As a Parent Educator and Board Director, she developed curricula to educate parents of color on dismantling racism, Black mother affinity groups, and mixed-race families. Tang is an advocate for issues on intersectionality, environmental justice, racial equity, and inclusion in education. Christine worked in corporate responsibility, sustainability, and environmental policy in the public, private and non-profit sectors in New Haven. CT, Washington D.C and New York. Christine has a Master in Environmental Law from the George Washington University Law School and certificate in Executive Education at Harvard Business School.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Organizing Families of Color for Racial Justice

FOCS will lead dialogue and provide roadmaps how to grow your organization's brand, mobilize parents and family engagement through grass roots organizing centering Brown and Black leadership, while becoming a valued stakeholder who is invited to the table in city hall and foundations. We share values in blurring the lines of public and private school education equity, how to equip preschools with anti-bias curricula, while organizing woke families of color by showing up in resistance at rallies with babies in carriers.
We cover curricula how to equip parents to talk about racial identity, anti-Blackness, intersectionality and white supremacy with their
children of color and start this work in the home.

Workshop Objectives:
• Build community by creating dialogue and toolkits for
undoing racism in racial affinity parent groups and cultural arts.
• Help amplify voices of color for equity, visibility and strategies to close
the opportunity gap for children of color in education and reproductive and disability justice.
• Identify curricula for anti-bias education
• Organizing tools for families of color engagement
* Learn how organize with economic impact for teachers, artists and parents
* How to partner with schools and community based organizations
* Collective and radical fundraising through social media and WOC power.

Speakers: Amy Pak, Christine Tang