Alejandra Pablos

Alejandra Pablos(33) is an immigrant, social justice organizer, activist & writer working at the intersection of immigration & reproductive justice. On 12/11/18, she was ordered deported & is actively appealing that decision by organizing her own deportation defense campaign, “KeepAleFree”, made of sister-friends, organizers & creators. Alejandra focuses on "community defense" education & advocacy by sharing her own personal story of accessing full reproductive healthcare & navigating the immigration system that is criminalizing immigrant folks & how to fight back. Ale is a WeTestify Abortion storyteller, Mijente member & works with immigrant rights & prison abolition organizers throughout the country.

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

#KeepAleFree: A Reproductive Justice Story

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the #KeepAleFree campaign, a national effort to build pathways of protection from deportation for reproductive justice organizer Alejandra Pablos. Team members Gloria, Yvette, Ale & Castro will dive through the campaign's intersectional organizing work (legal, communications & ground organizing) and how they use cultural digital organizing to creatively disrupt the mainstream portrayals around immigration, criminalization, and reproductive justice. The team engages in this work through a perspective that is dedicated to dismantling prison, detention centers, and governmental agencies.

Speakers: Stephanie Castro, Alejandra Pablos, Gloria Negrete-Lopez