Facing Race: A National Conference in St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024

UyenThi Tran Myhre

UyenThi Tran Myhre is a volunteer with MPD150, a cat mom, a daughter of refugees, and a writer. She believes another world is possible, and that now is the time to build the alternatives we want to see. 

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

Making Police Abolition Inevitable

In Minneapolis, as in so many other places around the country, the Movement for Black Lives responded to police murders of Black people - like Jamar Clark and Philando Castile - in ways that have transformed the political landscape and resurfaced deep questions about the role of police in our communities. Anchored by Black Visions Collective, MPD150, and Reclaim the Block, our organizing in Minneapolis has shifted from short-term reactions in the streets to changing the narrative around community safety and social control with long-haul abolitionist movement building.

Presenters from these organizations will share lessons we have learned and facilitate the group as we dig into questions like: How do we use art and stories to help our communities and decision makers imagine a world without police? What do we do when those in power who claim to be allies to our movement or represent the communities we come from don’t deliver on their promises? How can a grassroots narrative-based strategy deliver change at the level of budgets and policies?

After this workshop, participants will be able to: explain the historical connection between white supremacy and policing; guide questions and answers in discussions that make tangible the vision of a police-free world; envision campaign designs that change the narrative from one of police reform to one with real community-based alternatives to the police.

Speakers: Ricardo Levins Morales, UyenThi Tran Myhre