Tiffany Joy

Community Educator & Restorative Justice Advocate
Tiffany Joy is a Community Educator & Restorative Justice advocate born and raised in the South Bronx. For over a decade, Tiff Joy has actively worked with young people in New York City to end the cradle to prison pipeline via anti discriminatory policing work, education reform and intentional curriculum and leadership development for youth of color.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Encouraging Youth Leadership in RJ Movements (Adult Ally-ship 101)

It's no secret that black and brown students are disproportionately pushed out of school through zero tolerance policies, over policing and poor curriculum. One strategy to combat this reality is the implementation of restorative practices inside schools. However, a school that has chosen to take on restorative approaches – doesn't necessarily adopt racial justice along with it.

We continue to see poor learning conditions and problematic language/behaviors that are detrimental in creating a healthy school environment for young people of color.

Together we will analyze any hesitations and reservations in creating youth led spaces, ways we may ourselves embody or witness ageism in conversations about race while exploring ways to use our power as allies to encourage youth of color leadership in shifting school culture to end the schools to prison pipeline.

What lessons are currently missing in the classroom? How do we assess racial justice learning? What role can youth play in leading conversations on race? What support can adult allies offer? These questions and more will be tackled as we use open discussion and group breakouts to provide an engaging and interactive peer learning space.

Speakers: Tiffany Joy, Scarlet Spence