Taij Moteelall

Founder and Director
Standing in Our Power (SiOP)
Taij Kumarie Moteelall is the founder of Standing in Our Power, a national network of cis and transgender women of color movement makers committed to co-creating a new story of holistic transformation, sustainability and wellness for all. Through her company, Media Sutra, Taij serve as a consultant supporting non-profits to be increasingly visible and sustainable, and have greater programmatic impact. As the Executive Director of Resource Generation, she built an racially inclusive and sustainable organization while supporting young people with wealth to move millions of dollars to social movements. Taij is a spoken word artist and facilitator of transformational change.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Step Up, Lift Up: Women of Color Closing the Pay and Wealth Gap through Entrepreneurship

“I am a woman / fem of color, working job after job feeling unfulfilled, isolated, silenced, underpaid, and down right exhausted. Sound familiar? Black and Latina women experience a persistent wealth and pay gap despite college degrees + marriage. Nearly half of all Black and Latina women have zero or negative wealth in the United States. One solution cited to address this systemic economic inequality is to increase resources for women of color to start their own businesses. It turns out that Black and Latina women are the fastest growing business owners in the country. Are you an aspiring or established WOC entrepreneur? Join Fresh to Def Collective and Standing in Our Power (SiOP) to learn how to step into or grow your entrepreneurial spirit to turn your passion into a sustainable business that has you and your community’s back. In this session you will learn how to step into your vision, challenge your limiting beliefs, and set up a social enterprise one step at a time. This workshop is ideal for aspiring and established women of color, fem, AFAB trans and gender non-conforming identified peoples. Each participant will leave with a free digital copy of the Fresh to Def Business Handbook and SiOP Affirmations Guide.

Speakers: Hope Lehman, Taij Moteelall