Facing Race: A National Conference in St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024

Shubha Balabaer

Director of Operations | MediaJustice
Pronouns: theythem
Shubha Balabaer is the Director of Operations at MediaJustice. They are responsible for co-creating the scaffolding necessary for MediaJustice to achieve its mission. Shubha brings their experience as an engineer and an artist to that role—finding the beauty in human-centered systems. Prior to this role, Shubha was the Director of Technology at the Center for Court Innovation where, among other things, they were influential in understanding and communicating the damage that electronic monitoring and risk assessments have. They are a writer, performer, and crafter, with a particular love of fabric art and live in Brooklyn, NY.

Presentations from Facing Race 2022

Taking Care of Our Staff in a Capitalist, Ableist, and Racist System

MediaJustice is a 20-person, all-remote, multi-state organization. In 2022, we set-out to revamp our salary framework and benefits to be aligned with our values as anti-capitalist, anti-ableist and anti-racist, after having a discretionary, non-transparent salary framework. We were excited to create something new - to start from a place of creating something for our people instead of simply “benchmarking against the status quo.” However, we also had to balance recruitment and retention in a capitalist world, the concerns of funders, our budget, and state laws. And as people, we also had to interrogate how white supremacist thinking shows up in ourselves. We created a framework that is transparent, has a 9-page FAQ to clearly share our decision-making, decouples performance from anything monetary, is negotiation-free and includes benefits to meet our people including a culture of accessibility and focus on staff-wellness (such as, unlimited restorative days and a 4-6 month hybrid parental leave).

This breakout session is to get practical about what it took to get here, and connect with others. The session will be a deep dive into MediaJustice’s process including how we decided on our most important values, selected a consultant, decided on our priorities, budgeted for our benefits including long-term leave, engaged our staff, and our own retrospective. There will also be small groups based on roles (EDs, HR, Operations and Finance) to get even deeper into the weeds. And there will be brainstorms to learn from and connect with each other.

Speakers: Shubha Balabaer, Shilo McCabe, Steven Renderos