Facing Race: A National Conference in St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024

Reyna Montoya

Founder & CEO | Aliento

Presentations from Facing Race 2022

The Role of Joy and Imagination in the Fight for Racial Equity (Discussion and Film Screening)

Audre Lorde describes the “joy in living” as “one of our most potent weapons”— referencing the integral role that joy and imagination play in the movement for peace, justice, and liberation.

As explored in Echoing Green’s short documentary Unwavering: The Power of Black Innovation, for Black and Brown leaders, working to disrupt systems of power is both revolutionary and joyous. For Black and Brown leaders, joy is our antidote — an act of resistance and revolution.

Featuring social innovators driving transformational movements for change, this session will feature an exclusive screening of Unwavering: The Power of Black Innovation, a short documentary by Fearless Studios and Echoing Green, followed by a panel conversation that will explore the importance of Black and Brown leaders finding joy while working to disrupt systems of power. This session will offer participants tangible steps on how to incorporate and cultivate joy in their leadership and movement-building.

Speakers: Dr. Kimberly Osagie, Dr. Sirrita Darby, Reyna Montoya, Tiffany Thompson