Nuala Cabral

Educator, filmmaker, activist
University Community Collaborative

Nuala Cabral is an educator and award-winning filmmaker, who has taught media production, media advocacy and media literacy in high schools, colleges and community centers. Currently, Nuala manages communications and youth media at the University Community Collaborative at Temple University where she oversees their award-winning youth news program, POPPYN (Presenting Our Perspective: Philly Youth News). Nuala developed the youth program at BlackStar Film Festival and is co-founder of the media literacy activist FAAN project (Fostering Activism and Alternatives Now). She is also a proud of alumna of BYP100.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Media Teach-In: Media Literacy and Communications Strategies for Racial and Gender Justice

Racist and misogynist media narratives about our communities, challenges, and needs shape public policy, systemic discrimination, victim-blaming, and violence. And in the Trump era, corporate media have become bolder in normalizing white supremacy. Why is media literacy crucial to — and how can it bolster — our movements? Do media economics and consolidation impact our work? How can we generate positive, authentic media coverage? And, how can we create our own media for racial and gender justice?

In this hands-on workshop, facilitators will:

*introduce core media literacy frameworks

*link racist, misogynist media messages to corporate media’s structural and commercial biases

*highlight compelling media (video, radio, print, social media)made by artists, organizers, and educators

*share best practices for strategic communications outreach, framing/messaging, and narrative shift

Through group dialogue and interactive exercises, participants will learn how to:
*become active, critical media consumers

*challenge racist, misogynist framing and scapegoating

*link oppressive representations to media consolidation

*envision authentic, accurate media narratives about race/gender; then, plan to generate such narratives within self-created media, and by effectively framing and pitching racial and gender justice issues to journalists

Participants will leave with the enthusiasm, language, and tools they need to shift bigoted narratives, create anti-racist media, and generate effective media coverage. Tangible takeaways will include:

*an outline for crafting messages and pitching press to generate positive media coverage of their racial/gender justice advocacy work

*a preliminary plan to create one or more pieces of anti-racist media (video, film, print or online journalism, radio/podcast, #hashtag campaign, infographic, other)

Speakers: Jennifer L. Pozner, Nuala Cabral