Megan Alrutz

Performing Justice Project (Women's and Gender Center at UT Austin)

Megan Alrutz is an artist-facilitator focused on theatre and digital storytelling with and for youth. She heads the Drama & Theatre for Youth & Communities area at the University of Texas at Austin and co-directs the Performing Justice Project which uses storytelling and devised performance techniques to explore and enact gender and racial justice.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

The Performing Justice Project: Facing Race with Youth and Communities

The Performing Justice Project offers a participatory model for devising critically engaged performance work with young people. In this interactive session, participants will experience how the Performing Justice Project uses theatre, storytelling, creative writing, movement, and technology as tools for enacting and performing gender and racial justice. This session offers a brief introduction to the Performing Justice Project, including previous performance work created with schools, foster care facilities, and juvenile justice centers. Following a process in which participants work together to create and share their own short performance collages, the group will discuss critical questions and challenges that arise when exploring gender and racial justice with youth and communities.

Speakers: Megan Alrutz, Lynn Hoare, Briana Barner, Courtney McEniry