Mary Hooks

Campaign Coordinator | Southerners On New Ground
Mary Hooks is 34yr old, Black, queer, working-class mother. ​​Mary joined SONG’s membership in 2009​ and SONG has been her political home ever since.​ Mary joined the staff of SONG full-time in 2013​ as a Campaign Coordinator working to build out SONGs campaign arm. Mary also is one of the founders of the Atlanta chapter of #BlackLivesMatter. She is a member of BOLD and the mother of a brilliant 3 year old nugget. Let’s get free ya'll!!!

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Formations at the intersections of Black, Immigrant, Queer and Trans Intersections

Join us in a compelling conversation, rooted in popular education, to share stories, lessons and best practices of intersectional organizing. We've been grinding for Black, Immigrant, Queer and Trans liberation through grassroots organizing campaigns and building strong coalitions. What are we seeing, what are we up against, and what is it really going to take to have liberation in our lifetime?

Speakers: paulina helm-hernandez, Mary Hooks

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Rinku Sen
Joan Garner
Mary Hooks


We The People: Atlanta Remembered, Reimagined & rEvolutionized

Creative Director: Monica Raye Simpson
DJ: masud "mikeflo" asante
Band: Musiki Scales and the Common Ground Collective
Drumming Group: Jayusori: Freedom Sound
Vocalists: Che Rene, madam cj, Love Shanti Om
Dance Company: Black Rosez
African Dance and Drumming Company: Djole Kele
Emcee: camil williams
Poet: Qiana Cutts
Musician: Ken J
Voguer: Mickyel Bradford

Doors open at 6:30.

Speakers: Rinku Sen, Joan Garner, Mary Hooks