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Marquetta Dupree

MD Wellness
Marquetta Dupree is the Owner of MD Wellness in Atlanta, GA which offers holistic health services for the body, mind and spirit. Marquetta’s background in West African dance and degree in Sports Medicine allow her to offer a wide range of skills and services to her clients and class participants, with the goal always being to create healthy community and connection. Marquetta is rooted in a spiritual background of ministering through one’s art. She is a first degree Reiki healer, singer and sound healer, and ceremonial facilitator.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Changing the Race Dance

Changing the Race Dance offers a new way of conversing about racism. Using InterPlay’s tested educational body wisdom tools, Soyinka shares the power of movement, stillness, story, and song to create spaces where noticing, plain talk, being heard and affirmed is an essential part of being together in a new dance that takes socialized systemic racism seriously. Changing the Race Dance helps participants uncover insights, strengthen inner authority AND celebrate freedom and health for all by teaching • Respectful body-to-body connection and why racism is hard to stop if not treated on a body level. • Chants that celebrate the choice to move away from racism • Empowering opportunities to address racism and unpack inequity with fewer words and more wisdom. • A way of witnessing that nourishes dignity and respect. • How those who dance on behalf of one another can change historic patterns.

Speakers: Soyinka Rahim, Marquetta Dupree