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Malayia Felix- Spann and Gibran Freilla Williams

Child Activists | AfroKDZ

Malayia and Gibran are two Bronx based children that are active in their community. They organize and they participate in social justice meetings with their parents and they are constantly participating. They both said that they would like to have workshops for children by children.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Children of the Diaspora: Keep us Together

This a child centered workshop led by 7 year olds. The two children want to feel safe in their houses and in their schools. Gibran does not want his mother to be taken away because she is not from the United States and Malayia does not want more jails in the Bronx.
Guided by their parents, the children will lead other children to reflect about their safety as Black children and as children that are part of a global community.
They might do either an art project or dance.
This workshop is intended to be for and by children and will take between 30-45 minutes.

Speakers: Janvieve Williams Comrie, Malayia Felix- Spann and Gibran Freilla Williams