Lisa Abbott

Associate Director
World Trust Educational Services

Lisa Abbott is the Associate Director of World Trust Educational Services. World Trust uses framing, film & dialogue as a catalyst for racial equity education. World Trust's latest project, Racial Equity Learning Modules, is a media rich curriculum. World Trust augments core content contributed by other leaders in the social justice field with video, imagery and modalities ranging from art expression, dialogue and poetry to case study analysis. By providing a deeper understanding of systemic inequity, students, activists, educators and professionals can better engage in building equity, healing from historical harm, developing skills in communication, and learning the fundamentals of democratic movement building. The curriculum is available on DVD at

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Framing Issues with a Racial Equity Lens

Belief systems, which inform policy and law, can contribute to and perpetuate injustice. This injustice rests on unconscious and conscious beliefs about who matters in society and who does not. In order to make right what is inherently wrong, collective action is required. This learning module created in conjunction with Race Forward uses media, research and activism to promote solutions. This module provides examples of how injustice is perpetuated through the media and court systems. By working with art, film clips and other activities participants will learn the importance of framing an issue with a racial equity lens and practice it.

Speakers: Tammy Johnson, Lisa Abbott

Presentations from Facing Race 2012

Talking About Race: Racial Justice Through Media, Collaboration and Community Conversation

How can you use media to foster public conversation and deeper awareness of race issues? Can we move mainstream and politically diverse audiences? We?ll look at different models for using the power of stories, interviews and images to engage different communities in understanding the complexities of racism.

Speakers: Robert Gray, Lisa Abbott