Leroy F Moore Jr.

Krip-Hop Nation

Founder of the Krip-Hop Nation.  Since the 1990s, has written the column "Illin-N-Chillin" for POOR Magazine. Moore is one of the founding member of National Black Disability and activist around police brutality against people with disabilities.  His cultural work includes film documentary, Where Is Hope, Police Brutality Against People with Disabilities, spoken-word CDs, poetry books and children’s book, Black Disabled Art History 101 publish by Xochitl Justice Press.  His upcoming graphic novel,  Krip-Hop Graphic Novel Issue 1: Brown Disabled Young Woman Super Hereo Brings Disability Justice to Hip- Hop will be publish by Poor Press. 

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

How to Not Call the PoLice EVER- Poverty Skolaz Impacted by Racist/Classist Abliest White Supremacist Structures Teach on How to Deconstruct the Notion of "Safety" and Disengage from its Murderous Systems

Race, Class, Ability/Disability and Colonization intersect in the notion of what, who and how to be "safe" in this post-colonial, stolen territory and what more importatly the racist, classist, ableist roots of safety itself are. Everyone from Non-profit workers to academics speak, teach and continue to offer training and "reform" options of ancient settler -colonial wite supremacist structures like poLice, judicial systems and service provision. In this seminar, the impacted peoples - Poverty Scholars a concept created by POOR Magazine - who the poLice are called on to "help" in crisis, whose lives and struggles are the target of non-profit organizing campaigns and academic research projects - will be sharing their scholarship and curriculum on how to disengage from these notions of "safety" and security" and how to work with, walk with and organize with people who have themselves experienced this violence

Speakers: Leroy F Moore Jr., Lisa Gray Garcia