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Layel Camargo

Ecological Arts and Culture Manager | The Center for Cultural Power

Layel Camargo (They/Them/Theirs) is an indigenous descendant of the Yaqui and Mayo tribes from the Sonoran Desert and a Trans & gender non conforming person. They are a performance artist in theater and video. Layel was an artist-in-residency with 'Las Hociconas Lab' & Soundwave SF ‘biennial’. Layel is an organizer for Transformative Justice and is currently a cultural strategist to Movement Generation and Impact Producer for ‘The North Pole Show’. Layel brings their passion for the environment, zero waste and ‘veganismo para el planeta’ to their impact on climate justice & work with artists and frontline communities.

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

Is Being Climate Woke Enough? Artist Power for Climate Justice

Workshop attendees will engage in a participatory, art-making workshop that explores the reimagining of the narrative around climate change. Through amplifying conversations that center frontline communities that have been leading movements towards both environmental and racial justice, #ClimateWoke aims to change the story about climate justice by centering low-income, communities of color, and migrants most impacted by climate change. Our fight for climate justice is intersectional and centers the leadership of communities on the frontlines. #ClimateWoke means more than being woke to our current environmental and climate crises. It also means being aware of who holds the solutions and how allies can take the lead from frontline communities, often undocumented & migrant communities and communities of color. Real change can only happen when people acknowledge climate change policies and storytelling need to be enacted with social, racial, and environmental justice at the center.

The Center for Cultural Power The Center for Cultural Power inspires artists and culture makers to imagine a world where power is distributed equitably and we live in harmony with nature. The Center for Cultural Power is creating a thriving ecosystem for artists and culture makers -- who are dismantling systems of oppression and are dedicated to transformational creative practices The Center incubates, organizes, activates, and amplifies artists who want to put efforts towards the climate crisis and be catalysts of change. We also collaborate with movement-building organizations to better engage and activate with artists and artists leadership.

Speakers: Favianna Rodriguez, Layel Camargo