Laura Shmishkiss

Co-Executive Director
Border Crossers

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Building Anti-Racist Schools: Strategies to Talk About Race and Racism

How do we actively dismantle patterns of race and racism in schools? What are some effective strategies to address white supremacy, structural racism and create more racially equitable spaces? This interactive workshop will include an analysis of systemic racism and practical tools/exercises to apply this analysis in everyday educational settings. We wil explore key racial equity concepts and strategies that support an educator’s ability to identify, address, and interrupt inequity in educational settings. Educators will leave with a deeper understanding and practical tools for engaging in sense-making conversations about racial equity that lead to productive action.

Speakers: Laura Shmishkiss, Bianca Anderson

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Transformative Approaches for Addressing Race, Healing and Taking Action for Equity in Schools

Have your attempts to have “the equity conversation” in your school or district led to increased marginalization and upset? Are you struggling to connect how a conversation about race will lead to improved outcomes for children?

This interactive session will explore key racial equity concepts and strategies that support an educator’s ability to identify, interrupt and address inequity in their classrooms and schools. Educators will walk away with a deeper understanding and practical tools for engaging in sense-making conversations about racial equity that lead to productive action.

Speakers: Jaime-Jin Lewis, LaShawn Routé Chatmon, Victor Cary, Laura Shmishkiss, Benny Vasquez