Facing Race: A National Conference in St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024

Kim Williams

Racial Equity Alliance, Sacramento Co. CA

a graduate from the University of California, Davis, has worked in the community and in the youth development field for over 20 years and has managed multiple grants and projects focused on improving youth outcomes. Her experience has included program implementation, building collaborative efforts, community outreach and strategy development. Kim worked for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento for 14 years where she eventually became the Present/CEO. Currently, Kim serves as the Hub Director for Sacramento Building Healthy Communities which is focused on ending health and racial disparities throughout Sacramento. Working collaboratively with community members, organizations and key systems leaders, the focus of the BHC is to remove barriers and create new policies that will improve the overall quality in Sacramento.

Presentations from Facing Race 2022

Visionary Practices for Community of Color Power & Ownership

What are the possibilities when communities of color work collectively across-race to deepen shared power, organize and develop future-forward democratizing practices and structures that offer a vision for true democracy and transformation with racial justice as the horizon?

In this session community leaders from local coalitions and networks will present a snapshot of the vision, values, culture and practices that are informing this push for community ownership of the institutions that determine their lives. Multi-sectoral efforts for racial justice necessitate the development of new democratic practices that place r transformation at the front and center, along with prioritizing of transparency, accountability, and deeper relationships – centering bold solutions for the long haul.

Speakers TBD but will include representatives from local coalitions and networks in the Puget Sound and Northern California who are building multiracial power for racial justice and transformation in their communities. The session will be supported by Fernando Mejia Ledesma, Co-executive Director of Puget Sound SAGE and Jesse Villalobos from Race Forward’s Place-Based Initiatives, who works to support local racial justice networks in deepening their collective power to bring bold vision into fruition.

Moderator(s): Jesse Villalobos Speakers: Fernando Mejia Ledesma, Kim Williams, DeAngelo Mack, Andrea Manzo, Alma Cervantes, Yordanos Teferi