Facing Race: A National Conference in St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024

Key Jackson

Director of Movement and Capacity Building | Race Forward

Key is a 1st nations/Black Queer radical dreamer who is committed to weaving the Strength of their community into sustainable social change. A Founding member of Black Youth Project 100 New Orleans, Key has spent the past 15 years fighting for Queer, Youth, Educational, Housing, Immigrant and Racial Justice. Key’s lived experience as a low income, Queer person of color has fueled their desire to educate and move always towards a more equitable reality. Key has co-founded multiple youth centered initiatives and has provided formal as well as informal trainings to hundreds of youth, organizations and communities across the nation. Key resides in New Orleans with their dog, and kitten Octavia.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Racial Equity Strategies for Workforce Development

In 2017 Race Forward produced a racial equity readiness assessment tool for workforce development agencies to clarify how racial bias and inequity is operating within their institutions and provide concrete steps for proactive measures to counter those policies and practices. This workshop will introduce participants to the racial equity readiness assessment -- how it works, where it can be applied, and what other engagement strategies are necessary to get tools off the ground and into practice. The workshop will include testimonials and lessons learned from workforce development agencies who have applied the toolkit in their own organizations.

Speakers: Wonda Winkler, Gary Davis, Julia Sebastian, Key Jackson

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

This is How We Do It: Youth Led Racial Justice

A new generation of racial justice leaders are interrupting and innovating in the ways racial justice work is made relevant in our times. In various ways, young people are working creatively, intersectionally and courageously to set our nation on course for the racially just future we deserve. Who are some of the leaders guiding this next epoch? What models, tools, practices and cultural strategies are there to build a more just, inclusive foundation for their generation and the ones that follow? Join in this conversation amongst movement makers, as they share thoughts on what’s hot in racial justice now, and what's on the come up in the years ahead.

Speakers: FM Supreme, Ramiro Luna, Sharon Davies, Jaime-Jin Lewis, Key Jackson