Kevin Perez

APRI Metro-Detroit
As a member of Metro-Detroit Chapter of APRI, I have been deeply involved in activism issues such as Flint Water Scandal. Beimg born and bred in Chicago living in a very diverse neighborhood and witnessing and experiencing systemic injustices, while being a white Latino who isn't White enough to be considered White by society but not dark enough to be considered black or brown by that community -- I feel can offer a distinct perspective, having been both a beneficiary and victim of systemic racial oppression.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Improving the Civil Rights Complaint Process

We would like to conduct TWO workshops, back-to-back, at the Facing Race 2018 conference at Cobo Hall November 9th with a goal to make the civil rights complaint process easier for victims of sexual harassment, age, religious and other forms of discrimination. Unfortunately, civil rights violations occur all the time, yet few recognize them. Many who do recognize harassment don't know what to do.

The first would address the Civil Rights elephant in the room: Many civil rights violations, (from sexual harassment to age discrimination) fall through administrative and legal cracks. We will provide an interactive and dynamic understanding of:
1. What is a Civil Rights Violation - It's A Lot More Than You Think
2. The Obstacles Which Make Preventing Violations More Difficult
3. What Every Victim Needs to Know to Make a Difference

The workshop will include a panel which includes Knowledge Experts, and an opportunity for question & answer period at the end. Civil Rights activists will join in Part II where we will make Filing a Civil Rights complaint PLAIN for all work shop attendees.

1. Three Types of Civil Rights Complaints: Disparate Treatment, Disparate Impact, and Retaliation
2. Proving Discrimination: Two Sides to Every Story
3. Using Technology to Make the Process Easier

At the end of our workshop, attendees will be able to file a complaint, and help others to file when the need arises.

Speakers: Kevin Perez, Tammy Barbour