Josie Footmon-Smith

Program Manager
VOX Teen Communications
Josie Footmon-Smith is VOX's Program Manager and will complete her Masters in Social Work in the spring of 2016. She has been at VOX since 2013 and serves as the teens' "guide on the side" in facilitating programs, dialogues and workshops for the teens served at VOX. Josie has a passion for the mission of VOX - providing a safe place for teens to express their unique perspectives - and continues to find innovative ways to engage teens in conversations about the world we live in.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Facing Race with Teens in Atlanta

VOX Teen Communications, the place where teens speak and Atlanta listens, represents a diverse cohort of teens, ages 13 - 19, throughout the metro region. Our teen staff come from five counties - Clayton, Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton & Gwinnett - and 41 schools, including public, private, charter and alternative schools. The teen staff publish content on as well as producing three print publications for over 290 schools and youth-serving organizations throughout Atlanta. Teens at VOX are also trained to facilitate dialogues and workshops for their peers and the larger community. Join them for a teen-facilitated dialogue about race, how it affects our lives and our perspectives on the past, present and future of race relations in Atlanta. We will explore these issues through a mix of dialogue formats including a fish-bowl, anonymous Q &A and facilitated conversation. We will open by establishing a safe space and creating ground rules for our time together. We're looking forward to a multi-dimensional, intergenerational conversation that will end with a call to action.

Speakers: Susan Landrum, Josie Footmon-Smith