Joaquín Guerra

Texas Organizing Project
Joaquín Guerra is the Political Director of the Texas Organizing Project. He is the 2013 winner of the SXSW Social Revolución Mobilizer
Award and is the Regional Field Director for Keeping Families Together, the immigration reform campaign sponsored by the Center for
Community Change (CCC). He previously served as the Digital Campaign Director for CCC and the Campaign Director for, where he managed campaigns that use the Internet to give their members ongoing opportunities to strengthen the political voice of the Latino community.

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

After the Black President: Politics and the New Majority

Communities of color overwhelmingly backed the election of President Obama - and are the future of U.S. politics. Hear about the seismic demographics shifts behind a new and powerful electorate in the South and Southwest. This is the beginning of profound change. At the local, state and Congressional level, this new voting block is electing social justice champions to address the communities’ most pressing needs. Texas, California, Hawaii and New Mexico are majority people of color states. 24 states have enough people of color to make the difference.
Speakers: Aimee Allison, Joaquín Guerra, Julie Martínez Ortega