Jill Reese

Associate Director | Alliance for a Just Society
Jill is the Associate Director of the Alliance for a Just Society. Jill joined the Alliance staff team in April 2003 after working three years with the Alliance’s affiliate, Idaho Community Action Network, where she was part of the team that successfully fought for the state’s landmark farmworker wage protection laws. As director of the Alliance’s Health Rights Organizing Project, a coalition of 35 organizations in 23 states, she played a leadership role in the field campaign that pushed the Affordable Care Act to victory, and helped ensure that the historic law included provisions to address racial disparities in health. She currently oversees the Alliance’s policy department and is instrumental in developing the leadership, skills and political analysis of affiliate staff and leaders. Jill has a degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Texas.

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Opportunities under Obamacare to Tackle Racial Disparities in Health: bringing the fight for access and care to your home state.

All things are not equal when it comes to health in the United States, where people of color live sicker and die younger than their white counterparts. Fortunately, the passage of national health reform has created numerous opportunities for addressing these disparities and improving the chances for everyone to live healthy lives.

Speakers: LeeAnn Hall, Jill Reese

Presentations from Facing Race 2012

Make Them Pay: Ways to Hold Insurance Companies Accountable to Addressing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

People of color in the United States suffer notoriously poor health outcomes compared to their white counterparts. These disparities arise from many things: poverty, unequal access to quality education, unsafe housing, toxic hazards in the environment, and food deserts are but a few of the causes. Limited access to quality, affordable medical care exacerbates the problem. Fortunately, the affirmation of the Affordable Care Act by the Supreme Court cemented a framework for health care reform that empowers states to hold private health insurance companies accountable to addressing racial and ethnic health disparities. This workshop will examine policy options and organizing opportunities for the implementation of health reform that promotes health equity.

Speakers: Danisha Christian, Jill Reese, Ron Williams