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Hendel Leiva

Community Engagement Specialist/ Executive Producer, Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast | Race Forward
Pronouns: He/Him
Hendel Leiva is Race Forward’s Community Engagement Specialist, and also serves as the Executive Producer for Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast. Hendel is a podcast host, producer, and creator, having produced his podcast Immigration MIC since 2015, and was also recently a producer for the award winning podcast Latinos Out Loud. From the community of Brentwood, New York, Hendel has spent a large part of his career advocating for immigrant rights and immigration reform, and currently works to contribute to narratives in racial justice, as well as introducing others to the podcasting world through mentoring, workshops, and live events.

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

Momentum Podcast: Live At Facing Race with Hiba and Chevon!

In this session we'll be hosting a live podcast recording of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast with Chevon and Hiba.

Moderator(s): Hendel Leiva Speakers: Hiba Elyass, Chevon Drew