Gustavo Andrade

Organizing Director
CASA de Maryland
Gustavo Andrade is the Organizing Director for CASA de Maryland, the state's largest immigrant rights organization, with over 25,000 individual dues-paying members. Mr. Andrade leads all aspects of CASA's community organizing work, including the campaign to win the Maryland DREAM Act, workers' rights and the permanent struggle against the separation of families.

Presentations from Facing Race 2012

Cross Racial Alliance Building for Social Justice and Immigrant Rights

Leading advocates and organizers will share about building cross-racial and ethnic alliances for immigrant rights and racial justice fights in their communities across the country. We'll be speaking about key areas and best practices we've found in our collaborative work amongst African American, Latino, Chinese, Afro-Diasporic, and Caribbean communities as well as offering examples of our work. The workshop will be interactive and we will offer take-home tools and materials for people who are interested in doing the work.

Speakers: Abraham Paulos, Opal Tometi, Erika Almiron, Gustavo Andrade