Garciela Sánchez

Buena Gente
Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

Graciela Sánchez follows in the footsteps of her mother and abuelitas, strong neighborhood mestiza cultural workers. As director of the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, Graciela works with community members to develop programs that culturally ground people of color, queer people and other marginalized people—individuals who are survivors of cultural genocide. She challenges notions of the arts and politics as separate work environments. Graciela implements the vision and operations of the Esperanza as a community center, art/performance space, policy-change hub, and network facilitator for community-based arts/social justice organizations.

Presentations from Facing Race 2016

Find Your Light: Intergenerational QTPOC Arts Resistance

How do QTPOC artists and arts organization survive and sustain themselves given racism and homo/transphobia in the arts sector, and the challenging conditions, economic and otherwise, to create art and sustain space in rapidly changing neighborhoods/cities? In this session, participants will have the opportunity to hear QTPOC artists and/or organizations in different life stages in conversation about their histories, strategies for resistance and survival, and efforts to shift racism, homophobia, and transphobia in the arts sector. This inter-generational, cross-regional panel will feature Bronx based Charles Rice-Gonzalez (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance/NALAC), New Orleans based Maria Cristina Rangel/Cherry Galette (National Performance Network/Mangos With Chili), Oakland based Devi K (Peacock Rebellion), and San Antonio based Graciela Sanchez (Esperanza Center for Peace & Justice). Participants will walk away with deeper knowledge about QTPOC art and social practice history; skills and strategies for sustainability, survival, and evolution; and hope.

Speakers: Maria Christina Rangel (Cherry Galette), Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Devi K, Garciela Sánchez