Facing Race: A National Conference in St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024

Francis Calpotura

TIGRA Executive Director | TIGRA: Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

Strategic campaigns — advancing racial Justice

Racial justice strives for full liberation. How to get there from here is the question. This workshop will begin with a framework for evaluating and creating policy demands that advance racial justice. Participants will work together to assess how to build short-term
goals that build leadership and impact the lives of our members while marching down the path toward liberation.

Speakers: Libero Della Piana, LeeAnn Hall, Judith Le Blanc, Rinku Sen, Francis Calpotura

Presentations from Facing Race 2012

Innovations in Organizing in Communities of Color

The impact of new technology and social media has forced a re-calibration of traditional organizing practice. In what ways do these enhance or supplant the key commitments of traditional organizing to constituency building, collective action, and leadership development? In what ways do organizing groups have to adjust their tactics and strategies in order to more fully realize the potential that these innovations bring? This workshop will tackle these questions with experienced ?offline? and ?online? organizers working in communities of color.

Speakers: Francis Calpotura, Kohl Gill, Ana Perez