Cecelia Rose LaPointe

Founder and Owner
Native Justice Coalition

Cecelia Rose LaPointe - She is Ojibway/Métis who is Mashkiziibi (Bad River Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe or LaPointe Band of Ojibwe) and Kchiwiikwedong (Keweenaw Bay Indian Community - Michigan). Cecelia is enrolled in Mashkiziibi and maintains a strong community affiliation to Kchiwiikwedong. She is ajijaak dodem (crane clan). Cecelia identifies as androgynous, gender non-conforming, and Two-Spirit. She is the Founder and Owner of the Native Justice Coalition, Red Circle Consulting and Waub Ajijaak Press. www.anishinaabekwe.com - www.nativejustice.org

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Decolonizing Anti-Racism in Anishinaabe Aki

Anishinaabe Aki is occupied by a colonial state called Michigan. Anishinaabe Aki is home to the Three Fires - Ojibway, Odawa & Potawatomi people. Michigan is the most segregated state in the United States. Native American and Métis communities are made to be hypervisible in the dialogue on race in Michigan. In our panel discussion, we will look beyond the Black and White racial binary to center Anishinaabe people in racial justice. How can we decolonize anti-racism and start to center Anishinaabe and other Native American people?

Carmen Lane, Cecelia LaPointe, Renard Monczunski, and Teiana McGahey all exist as Native people of mixed heritage. We engage in work to decolonize and heal across occupied lands. In order to bring the greatest justice and healing to our communities we need the participation of settlers and settlers of color to work on changing the current racial justice narrative with us.

Speakers: Cecelia Rose LaPointe, Carmen Lane