Bryce Detroit

Center for Community Based Enterprise
Bryce Detroit is the Afrofuturist storyteller, artist, activist, and pioneer of Entertainment Justice. As a cultural designer, he is a national award-winning music producer and curator. Through his work as founder of Detroit Recordings Company, he demonstrates the power of using music entertainment arts and community legacies, to design infrastructure for preserving, producing, and promoting new Afrikan and Indigenous narratives, cultural literacies, and cooperative economies. Bryce Detroit grows self-determined communities as culture director of Center for Community Based Enterprises (C2BE), delegate for East Michigan Environmental Action Council, co-founder of Detroit Community Wealth Fund, and member of Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

“Detroit Cooperates!”™: C2BE’s Grassroots Alternative Economies Showcase

In 21st Century Detroit, there is an exciting new entrepreneurial movement that is citizen-powered, community-centered, and deeply rooted in the development of new racially-equitable neighborhood economies. The C2BE “Detroit Cooperates” Alternative Economies showcase is a unique Detroit-centric workshop, hosted by Center for Community Based Enterprise, exposing Facing Race participants to innovating Detroit neighborhood cooperatives, worker-owned businesses and other community-based enterprises. Participants will hear inspirational stories from the resident actors who are pioneering new work, developing new community entrepreneurs and anchoring new neighborhood economic ecosystems in worker ownership. Come meet the new Detroit entrepreneurs and enterprises that are rooted in providing equity, sustainable jobs, and building scalable community wealth.

Speakers: Bryce Detroit, Deb Groban Olson