Bernice Julie Shaw

Co-Director |
Pronouns: Center for Story Based Strategy

Bernice has spent 8 years at CSS working with organizers and movement groups to transform narratives at the intersection of pollution, poverty, and racism. Prior to becoming Co-Director, Bernice accompanied the organization in an operations capacity as it evolved from its earlier years as the smartMeme Strategy and Training Project, and she most recently served as Strategic Partnerships Director. As a new WOC Co-Director, Bernice proudly uplifts the power of radical imagination and capacity-building in her own story of transformation and leadership development. She is originally from sunny Los Angeles, where she spent her time producing music festivals and building small businesses, and developed her commitment to collective-liberation as a student organizer at UCLA. Bernice is dedicated to bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to her work in social change. In her free time, she enjoys playing jazz flute and eating Chinese food.

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

Unleashing the Power of Story!

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool to name problems, unite constituencies, and mobilize people towards solutions. While this political moment has brought the destructive power of dominant narratives into sharp relief, it also brings with it immense possibility. This interactive session will provide participants with a practical framework and hands-on tools for harnessing the power of story and imagination for resiliency and liberation.

Is racial equity enough? What comes after liberation? Join us as we play with strategic storytelling tools designed to help grassroots communities imagine the future. We will explore the difference between status quo narratives and transformative racial justice stories.

Speakers: Felicia Perez, Bernice Julie Shaw