Aselefech Evans

Equity and Programs Manager | Housing Development Consortium
Pronouns: she/her

Aselefech Evans, (She/Her). Aselefech identifies as Ethiopian-American and resides on the unceded Duwamish lands. She has five years of experience providing workshops, training, facilitation, and assessment services to build the internal and external capacity of health care, human services, and public health professionals both locally and nationally. As the Racial Equity Manager for the Housing Development Consortium, she helps organizations institutionalize their racial equity efforts and compliance, while using best practices based on data and evidence. Aselefech is currently a graduate student in the School of Social Work at the University of Washington, studying Integrative Health-Mental Health Advanced Practices which examines environmental, mind-body-spirit-cultural integrative practices.

Presentations from Facing Race 2020

Beyond checking a box - a toolkit to strengthen your organization’s racial equity practices

Is your organization committed to working towards racial equity, but struggling to create a tangible work plan or to identify your next steps? This workshop will introduce a collaboratively-created racial equity assessment tool that helps organizations and coalitions create workable next steps for internal and external practices and policies, wherever they are in their racial equity learning and journey. You’ll get hands-on practice, a chance to work collaboratively with other racial equity leaders, and tools to take home with you that outline a clear path forward for you and your organization.

This racial equity assessment tool was created communally by the Puget Sound Cohort on Equity, Infrastructure, and the Environment to answer the question of how multiracial coalitions hold each other and themselves accountable in a way that advances racial equity, and what that can that look like in practice. The toolkit is designed to assist white-led or majority-white organizations in self-identifying their current level of racial equity accountability and provides concrete next steps for organizations to follow, wherever they are in their racial equity practice.

In this workshop we will walk through the assessment tool’s four levels of accountability: individual, organizational, with community, and in building solidarity with other organizations. Participants will reflect on their own organizations and discuss next steps, resources, and continued learning tailored to each aspect and level of racial equity practice.

Speakers: Ellany Kayce, Clara Cantor, Aselefech Evans