Antonio Cosme

SouthWest Grows
Antonio Cosme is an indigenous writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, educator, artist, bee keeper and farmer from Southwest, Detroit. His work has been dedicated to lecturing, writing, and acting in opposition to the neoliberal assault on Detroit and water. His viral street art is featured in movies, articles and research papers. Antonio cofounded the Raiz Up, a xicano and indigenous hiphop collective using art as way to create consciousness and support movement #Raizup. Beyond just resisting the abuse of public goods, Antonio works to transform his community through artistic and ecological community through his farm #swgrows and a beekeeping co-op #SWBeetroit.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Indigenizing Education/ Resisting Appropriation

We will explore ways to reclaim traditional practices, resist cultural appropriation, and shift narratives. Together we will engage and learn from each other and discuss strategies to infuse cultural education within our current system. We will look at the power of narrative as it intersects with culture and the many ways these are co-opted to benefit corporate/ neoliberal interests. We will also look at the similarities in impact on Detroit, Puerto Rico, and Hawai'i. And finally practice together rewriting history from a decolonized POV.

Speakers: Schantell Puamaeole Taylor, Antonio Cosme