adrienne maree brown

doula / healer
emergent strategy ideation institute

adrienne maree brown is a black unicorn who believes that science fiction, birds, ants and children have most of the answers to how to survive on this planet. she lives in Detroit with seven thriving plants who she talks to intermittently. she cohosts the How to Survive the End of the World podcast with her sister Autumn.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

Emergent Strategy Q and A

So you read Emergent Strategy, either alone or with a group. And perhaps you have been using it in the world, using the assessments, or the tools...but you have some questions! Come get answers from other readers, practitioners, and the author!

Questions and answers will happen in large group, small group and flocking exercises, as well as things we can't foresee but will emerge from the unique group that comes together. (If you haven't read the book, please come to the Emergent Strategy 101 session - if it gets approved <3)

Speakers: adrienne maree brown, n/a

Emergent Strategy 101

Come spend 90 minutes with Emergent Strategy author adrienne maree brown to review the elements and principles of Emergent Strategy, a way of learning about organizing and being human by looking at science fiction and complex science.

Speakers: adrienne maree brown

Meet Author: adrienne maree brown

Emergent Strategies, Octavia’s Brood

Speakers: adrienne maree brown

The Shift: Narrative and Arts Amid the Culture Wars

We are living in an era of intensified culture wars, a time of competing narratives: a fearful, exclusive America versus a hopeful, transformative America. Which narrative prevails depends upon how well we organize and strategize to grow our narrative and cultural power. This panel will feature the acclaimed writer adrienne maree brown, cultural organizer Bree Newsome, Rashad Robinson, executive director at Color of Change, and Favianna Rodriguez, cultural strategist at CultureStr/ke, speaking with Jeff Chang about the ideas, practices and strategies that can move our imagination towards mutuality, equity, and freedom.

Speakers: Rashad Robinson, adrienne maree brown, Jeff Chang, Favianna Rodriguez, Bree Newsome

Presentations from Facing Race 2014

Dreaming Change: Collective Sci Fi/Visionary Storytelling

Throughout history up to the present, science fiction has been used as a means of envisioning radical new worlds, and has also been used by those organizing to transform. Being able to dream new worlds enables us to begin building those worlds today. This workshop will explore the use of radical sci fi or visionary fiction to explore social justice issues through a brief presentation, and then participants will engage in creating stories together based on current political issues.

Speakers: adrienne maree brown