Abeni Jones


Abeni Jones is a black trans woman writer, artist and educator. A former middle and high school teacher, she currently writes for Autostraddle.com, is a freelance artist and designer, and presents workshops and trainings around the country focusing on racial and gender justice and community building.

Presentations from Facing Race 2018

How to Take Care of Each Other: Community Care in Times of Crisis

This workshop acknowledges that mainstream rhetoric around self-care is ableist and alienating for marginalized folks (such as people of color, LGBTQI, disabled, and/or immigrant communities, who often don't have access to the kinds of things self-care listicles usually suggest or the money to take advantage of them). It also recognizes the political need for marginalized folks to build support networks within our own communities, as the State (police, health care systems, immigration, schools, welfare systems, etc) has never genuinely cared for or protected us and cannot be relied on. The workshop is based on this article I wrote for Autostraddle, and seeks to provide practical tools and strategies for building interpersonal communities of care.

Speakers: Abeni Jones