How Big Money Politics Holds Back Racial Justice

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Friday, 11/14
11:00 am to 12:30 pm

The drive for racial equity in America faces a serious headwind: the role of private wealth and big business in our political system.  While the undemocratic role of big money hurts us all, its consequences are particularly dire for communities of color, who are severely underrepresented in the “donor class” whose large contributions fuel campaigns and therefore set the agendas in Washington and state capitals across the country. A Princeton University scholar recently investigated average voters' and wealthy Americans’ influence on policy, with results suggesting the United States is an oligarchy.  How can articulating the connections between big money politics and racial justice help us win on all fronts?  This panel and breakout discussion will explore the specific ways in which the role of big money in politics undermines racial equality, and investigate how highlighting these connections can expand the constituency for change nationally by motivating voters and more deeply connecting “good government reformers” and communities and leaders of color.