Facing Race: A National Conference coming to St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024! #SaveTheDate

Why Phoenix, Arizona?

Facing Race 2022 will be presented in-person and online. For the in-person experience we’ve partnered with Phoenix, Arizona as the host city!

Held November 17-19, Facing Race will take place just weeks after the midterm election. In the 2020 election, communities of color voted in record numbers and shaped the outcomes of races across the state. We know Arizona is a critical decision maker in U.S. politics and policies and is a state not to be overlooked. 

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona is uniquely positioned in the South Western region of the United States, only 3 hours from the U.S. – Mexico border. Cities near the southern region of the state have a history of hostility towards immigrants and migrants who travel through the border region and over recent years, have experienced increasing policing and police brutality towards communities of color. 

Our goal for Facing Race 2022 is to partner up with local organizers and community members to uplift the current realities for communities of color in the region. Bringing to the forefront local leaders in climate change, indigenous sovereignty, police reform and accountability, reproductive justice, immigration defense, and more. We plan to hold discussions with government leaders and decision makers and push back on institutional and structural racism, and transphobic policies and narratives. 

We look forward to hosting these conversations and more as Arizona’s political lens shifts and begins to reflect its vibrant and diverse population.